“She teaches an awesome class. Not only do she teach it, she is a great motivator and I saw her passion for the class. I attended the class because I didn't know what a "virtual assistant" was. After the class, I realized that I have the skills to become one. Thanks Cindy. Oh, did I mention she is a great mentor too.” ~Beverly Holman, Clinton, MD

In today’s world of social media, staying connected with your guests, colleagues and associates is crucial to the success of your business. Facebook is a great means of engaging. Cindy with Maryland Secretarial Services is a great resource in assisting setting up an affective Facebook page. Many businesses setup a Facebook page and forget about it. Social media is only successful when you use it efficiently. I recommend using Maryland Secretarial Services to manage your Facebook postings, you won't miss a beat. ~Lee Johnson, Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, MD

“I am so glad that I was referred to Maryland Secretarial Services. Cindy was such a great help in the publishing of my novel. She worked efficiently to have everything done right away and she made sure I knew what was happening every step of the way. It was wonderful to work with someone who was such a pleasure and so excited to see her work come to fruition. Thank you so much, Cindy, for being such a great help and an amazing person to work with!” - Casey Fry, Author, “DeathSpeaker: Hunt,” Muncy, PA

"Cindy is an excellent virtual assistant. She is a motivated self-starter with top notch written and oral communication skills. She is thorough and detailed in her work, and adheres strictly to deadlines. I recommend her highly.” - Rick Hopkins, CEO Business Cafe, Inc., Greenbelt, MD

"Cindy is the ultimate multi-tasking professional; she is quick to respond to inquiries, efficient, and has resources at her fingertips! ." ~ Deborah Wade, Realtor, Millersville, MD

"I have found the services of Cindy Freland of Maryland Secretarial Services to be exceptional. She is very capable and has excellent follow through. Her administrative expertise has made her services to be extremely valuable to our organization and she had been a pleasure to work with." 

~ Lee V. Bethel Comprehensive Benefit Services, Inc. Alexandria, VA

"Cindy Freland is an absolute delight to work with. She is one of the most enterprising and positive persons that I have ever worked with." ~Shekar Subramaniam, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Washington, DC/Owings Mills, MD

"Cindy is a goal oriented professional who's number one priority is her clients. She is honest, fair and extremely efficient. Her passion for helping others over the years has led her to become an instructor and an author. This has broadened her professional footprint to reach thousands of people. I would highly recommend Cindy." ~Ann Brodeur, Arbonne International, Laurel, MD

"I was very impressed by the professionalism and the promptness of MD Secretarial services. I have recommended their services to several of my clients. If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your business give them a call yesterday." ~Rob Howze, Executive Director, World Wide Community

"Cindy Freland is an absolutely amazing networker. Seeing Cindy in action is like watching a finely tuned instrument playing a musical masterpiece. Even better is Cindy's willingness to learn new marketing skills on her own, and then teach them to others. I hired Cindy to teach me how to include LinkedIn and Facebook icons on my email messages, and learned about using Constant Contact. I attended a number of Cindy's advanced FaceBook workshops, and made good progress in making my FaceBook site appear more professional." ~Karol Taylor, Taylor Your Career, Lanham, Maryland

"Cindy Freland (Maryland Secretarial Services) is a valued member & enthusiastic Ambassador for the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce! She promotes the Chamber in everything she does, and provides networking & learning opportunities for local entrepreneurs. We are pleased that Cindy will be joining the Board of Directors this year and look forward to continuing to work with her for the benefit of the local business community." ~Kelly Pierce, Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce, Bowie, Maryland

"I have only been with MSS one week, but in that week they have provided me with 100 times more than what I could have ever expected. Cindy Freland is helping improve my Internet presence and has done more for me in a week than I could have done in a month. The time I am saving is so valuable and her quality of work is exemplary! Don't miss the opportunity to take your business into the 21st century! Call MSS today!" ~Gary Siegel, Fitness Matters Gym, Bowie, Maryland

"If I were not so completely old-fashioned, resistant to change and incorrigible I would probably be on Facebook right now. Cindy Freland did a bang-up job of explaining it in her recent seminar. She did all the wherefores, the where’s, the when’s and the how’s, including insight into what features are great and which are ho-hum. Thanks, Cindy." ~Phil Marcus, Attorney at Law,
Columbia, MD

"I've worked with Cindy on our Social Media Workshops. It wasn't just her attention to detail, which was great, that made her indispensable. She found an organization to showcase the workshops, found equipment that we needed, handled both print and digital media, and made arrangements for other venues. When we think about a virtual assistant, we don't normally think of these things. But she can handle these too." ~Les Murphy, LTM Industries, Inc., Bowie, Maryland

"I have known Cindy Freland and have been a client of hers for nine years. In that time she has helped me with my private self help school, with my charity and now with my new book. I can truly vouch that she is a true professional with a friendly and willing disposition. No matter what I asked of her she delivered on my timeline and sometimes that was immediately! She is a great assistant in many ways. I highly recommend her to those of you that would like a strong professional at your side with the desire to see your business succeed!" ~Maria Lucia, Author

"I've used MSS for a work project and a personal project and was totally satisfied with the professionalism, timeliness and accuracy of their work. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for business support assistance." ~Gail Bergatino, Bowie, Maryland

"Cindy is amazing! I hired Cindy to scan my networking business cards into the Cardscan system. I simply give her the cards and she sends me the file via email. She is detail-oriented and she's going to make sure your job is done right. Cindy stands behind all the work done at Maryland Secretarial Services. She's flexible, reliable, knowledgeable, and affordable. I will be using her on a regular basis to do the tedious detail work I hate." ~Rose Woodruff, Executive Decision Coaching, Bowie, Maryland

"Very affordable, quick turnaround and delivered ahead of schedule." ~Transcription, David Steinberg, TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, McLean, Virginia

"Those of us engaged in front line ministry understand the tension that exists between limited resources needed to care for urgent daily needs and administrative concerns. MSS eliminates this tension by providing excellent administrative support at an affordable rate. As Pastor of Redeeming Love Church, I highly recommend Cindy Freland and MSS." ~word processing, phone calls, Robert A. Clemetson, Pastor, Redeeming Love Christian Fellowship Tabernacle, Bowie, Maryland

"I finally had an opportunity to review the directory that you have been working on. Man what a good job!!" ~data entry, Derek Cork Woods, President, Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Springfield, Massachusetts

"In the troubling economic times we live it is rare to find services as yours that are affordable for all." ~resume service, Steven R. Hunter, United States Government Printing Office
Washington, DC

"professional, accurate, timely delivery, very proficient in MS Office and other programs, very cost-effective as well" ~restaurant menus, backup documentation, George P. Contois, President, CDK, Inc., Bowie, Maryland

"Cindy Freland received this year's Business Woman of the Year Award not only for providing me with first-rate service and quality work in designing my networking note cards and contact spreadsheet, but because she is consistent, cost-effective and accomplishes every task on time and within budget. As a member of MinorityBuzz.com, Cindy is a role model for the kind of service I expect my members to provide." ~data entry, desktop publishing, Odessa Hopkins, President and CEO, Another Approach Enterprises, Largo, Maryland

"very accurate and consistently on schedule" ~data entry, Douglas J.J. Peters, President, Professional Records Storage, Inc., Landover, Maryland

"…a very professional job …was available to work in the evenings and over the weekend…" ~reports and manuals,Charles Howard, Professor, Coppin State College, Baltimore, Maryland

“...fast, reliable, and affordable...” ~letters, labels, invoices, etc., Paul F. Grabarek, President, CEO, P.F. Grabarek & Associates, Severna Park, MD