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Outsource: Keep 60% More Of Your Revenue

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

How many times have you had to stop doing what you do best, whether it’s writing, designing, or meeting with prospects or clients, and you had to do something else because there was no one else to do it? Those time-consuming, nagging projects, like typing, filing, social media or stuffing envelopes, need to be done but you hate doing them. You might not even know how to do them or you might not have the staff or your administrative assistant is on vacation or ill.

Doing it all yourself is costing you up to 60% of your revenue. You may think that doing it all yourself is saving you money. But just think how much more time you could spend meeting prospects or making those revenue-generating phone calls if you outsourced those nagging administrative tasks to an experienced Virtual Assistant (VA).

VAs are business owners who provide professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients – usually other independent entrepreneurs and small businesses. VAs work from their own office (hence “virtual”), thus making it a fairly popular (and growing) profession in centralized economies. It is estimated that there are as many as 35,000 VAs worldwide. They charge between $15-45, depending on where they are located.

VAs are experienced professionals who know the quickest and best way to complete tasks. Therefore, what may take you hours to complete, may only take a VA minutes, saving you time and money. With the VA doing the work, it enables to you do your revenue-generating tasks.

The following is a list of just a few of the duties that can be taken “off your plate” and given to a Virtual Assistant:

1. Bookkeeping: Make it easier for your certified public accountant (CPA). A VA will organize your income and expenses into an Excel spreadsheet or enter them into your QuickBooks.

2. Business Card Scanning: Have the business cards you collected at networking events placed into a usable format such as Excel or CardScan. You can then easily make phone calls, send direct mail or send an email. From this Excel file, a mail-merge can be done to send out a direct mail piece.

3. Desktop Publishing: have your flyers, business cards, brochures, letterhead and envelopes designed and printed

4. Filing: Most VAs work from their homes but some will come into your office to work. They can do all your filing and organize your office so you can find things easily and you will be more productive.

5. Internet Research: find material for a book, article or research local business owners

6. Mail-Merge: format letters and labels for a mailing using your client and/or prospect list

7. Phone Calls: schedule appointments, flight and hotel arrangements, follow-up phone calls

8. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts can be set up. Profiles and business pages can be created and updates can be posted daily.

9. Stuffing Envelopes: Complete the mailing by folding and inserting the letters into envelopes, affixing the mailing labels, return address labels and postage and sealing the envelopes.

10. Word Processing: proposals, agreements, letters, forms, interrogatories, orders, documents

With all these responsibilities and possibly others taken “off your plate,” you will be less stressed, more organized and free to do what you do best, which is generating up to 60% more revenue for your business.

Cindy Freland is the author of several business articles. Freland is an award-winning virtual assistant and founded Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc. in 1997. She can be reached at (301) 352-7927 or or visit her web site at