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Your Business Arsenal: The Four Weapons You Need To Succeed

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

There are many things you need to know and acquire before you start and while you are operating your business. But the four most important “weapons” that you need in your business arsenal are a professional website, a business Facebook page, professional business cards and a 30-second “elevator” pitch.

Website: Your website should be professionally designed and contain detailed information about what you offer and your contact information. If you have a shopping cart to sell your products or services, be sure that you include the pricing on the page so your buyers don’t have to go through the entire process before knowing what they will have to pay. An “About Me” page is great so your buyers can get to know you before they buy. A blog will keep your prospects and customers up-to-date on the latest news and a weekly or monthly blog entry will keep your website flowing in the search engines. Include a link to your Facebook business page on your website.

Facebook Business Page – Create your business page by clicking the “Create a Page” button. The option to create a business page is at the bottom of your personal profile and on the first page when you log in. It is also on the top right of your profile. Include as much information as you can about your business page so everyone who views it will see what you offer. Be sure to include a description of what you offer, contact information, including your email address, phone number and website. You can also make your page attractive by including a photo of yourself or your logo. Design an eye-catching cover photo too. If you are the owner or founder of the company, link your business page to your personal profile. Link your business page to your Twitter page.

Business Cards: All business owners know that business cards are essential tools in their networking toolboxes. Business cards must be easy to read and contain your company name, contact name and contact information. Black text and a clear font are best. Card scanners may be used to capture your card information. Scanners do not capture white text. If you have a logo and/or a photo or yourself, those make the cards even better and more memorable. Hand them out at networking events after you have introduced yourself with a firm handshake and a smile, looking the other person in the eyes.

Elevator Pitch: You will need an assortment of 30, 60 and 90-second descriptions of what you offer. Your “elevator” pitch or “speech” is a concise compilation starting out with your name, your company name, what you offer and sometimes to whom you offer it. Say your name and your company name at the end to reinforce the listener’s memory. My 30-second elevator pitch goes something like, “Cindy Freland and I own (company name). I am an award-winning virtual assistant. I do all your time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on your revenue-generating duties. I am also known as the Facebook Queen and I help you self-publish your book. Cindy Freland, (company name).” 30 and 60-second “elevator” pitches are best for networking events, including Meetups, Business Networking International (BNI) and Network Referral Group (NRG). 90-second pitches are mostly used in speed networking events. In speed networking events, you start out by sitting at a table with seven or more people. Each person gets a chance to introduce themselves. After each person has given their 90-second elevator pitch and gives out their business cards, they move to the next table and they give their pitch again. They do that about five times and meet up to 40 people within two hours. It’s a great way to meet many people in a very short time. Most chambers of commerce offer speed networking events.

Cindy Freland is the author of many business articles and business and children’s books. Freland is an award-winning virtual assistant and founded Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc. in 1997. She can be reached at (301) 352-7927 or or visit her web site at