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We provide fast, professional, and confidential work at very reasonable rates.

RATES: Our rate for most services is $30 per hour. Transcription rates are $4.50 per double-spaced page if completed within 5 business days and $5.50 per page if completed within 3 business days.

NO HIDDEN COSTS: You only pay for the work we do for you. There are no extra costs or hidden expenses like payroll taxes, health benefits, sick leave or holiday pay.

RETAINER:: A $200 minimum retainer is required for most projects. Retainers do not expire and are non-refundable. Our hourly rate is deducted from your retainer until it is exhausted. When it is exhausted, the retainer may be renewed with another $200 minimum payment. They may be paid by check, money order, credit card or PayPal. Click the "Buy Now" button, below, to pay using PayPal.


DEPOSITS: Large or lengthy projects may require a 50% deposit before we begin work. The balance is due BEFORE you receive the work.